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Stage Rental | Dance Floor Rental | Dallas / Fort Worth Texas

We provide Wedding and Event Stage and Dance Floor Services for the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and beyond! (Not just a rental)

What Makes Us Different?

We invite you to do your own research (don't just trust us on this).  Look for a Stage Rental or Dance Floor Rental company in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Most will reflect a price for you to pick up the individual panels on your own and leave the complex assembly of the stage or dance floor itself to you. Your time and effort is expended to go get it (assuming you have the proper vehicle and materials handling equipment). We can assure you that assembly is not ever an easy endeavor. Years of experience has taught us that precision set up is the key with stages and dance floors.  Absolute leveling is required to not only assemble but also to disassemble most stages or dance floors. This is not something to be left up to a few volunteers who offered to help you.  Worse yet, the majority of the "rental" places are not dedicated to or even concerned about your timeframes. If they deliver and assemble at all, you will, at best, get a 2 hour window for when it can be delivered and when it will be picked up. What if they arrive after your event starts or before it ends?. Also, forget about pick up or delivery on weekends; it usually won't happen. What if the venue says you have to be out by midnight (almost always)? "No can do" with the majority of companies and they even say so on their websites.  They will see you Monday morning. Until then it is your responsibility (where are you going to put it, how are you going to get it there?).  We look at things very differently. Do you need a stage or dance floor? Do you need it by a certain time? Do you  need it to be removed by a certain time? Hire us to worry about that . THAT is what we do and why service always trumps rental. We own our own stages and dance floors, we transport them, we install them, and we remove them on time, every time. 

We worry so you don't have to!

Stage Rental? / Dance Floor Rental? / (No Way!) Hire a service!

Attuned Events provides uncompromised stage and dance floor services . We provide indoor and outdoor stages as well as dance floors for concerts, fashion shows, corporate events, weddings and parties.

Our Stages are adaptable

We use only fully adjustable 4' x 4' stage panels with each of the four legs being independently configurable to various heights from 24 inches to 39 inches.  This ensures that the stage can be completely leveled across all types of terrain. This typically requires a professional assembly (that is us!).  Even indoor locations have some degree or slope which means that most other single height stages may not be level!

Our stages are configurable

Our stage and dance floor panels allow for complete customization to fit your needs.  While others may be stuck with a standard configuration, we have multiple options!  Need multiple elevations? Drum riser? Our panels that can be custom assembled to your design and specifications!

Concert Stages, Runway, Fashion Show, Corporate Conference or Weddings

Attuned Events, LLC  provides stage and dance floor services to accommodate any event. Custom configuration and sizing, unparalleled service and support: we are your worry free partner for you event! Delivery, assembly, stage skirting, and removal within your timeframe is included in all of our pricing.


Modular Dance Floor Rental Dallas / Ft. Worth Texas


4638 Rambler Way

Midlothian,TX 76065

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